Bird Seed Cake Recipe

Use a piece of a chop stick to poke a hole for the twine. Fill your yoghurt pots with bird cake mixture and put them in the fridge to set for an hour or so.

Bird Seed Cake Recipes Cereal Bars Recipes Cereal Bars Healthy Bird Seed Cake Recipe

Chop up the lard and using your hands squidge it up with the birdseed until you get a sticky ball Step 2.

Bird seed cake recipe. Make this easy 2-ingredient DIY Peanut Butter Bird Seed Suet Cake Recipe to feed the wild birds. Using a spoon pack the bird seed mixture into the cookie cutters. Keep adding the seedraisincheese mixture and squidging it until the fat holds it all together.

The best part of figuring out how to make birdseed cakes is that the recipe is almost failproof. Apr 15 2017 – Explore Merri Peplinskis board Bird Seed Cake Recipe on Pinterest. My mom used to make suet for the birds by pouring any fat leftover from cooking into a coffee can in the fridge.

Hang your speedy bird cakes from trees or your bird table. Push straw through the seed mixture to the bottom of the mold. I do feel compelled to add that you dont have to render fat to make suet if its for birds just melt it and pour it into the mold gristly bits and all.

The only issue is to measure the Karo syrup dont eyeball it. Add the other ingredients to the bowl and mix them together with your finger tips. See more ideas about bird seed bird bird seed ornaments.

Birdseed was a fun and inexpensive way to entice the birds and a few squirrels. Thanks for this seed cake recipe. Enjoy family fun and feed the wildlife plus teach kids compassion and empathy.

Press the mixture into your cookie cutter shapes Step 3. Spoon ½ the mixture into your mold. Add birdseed into the mixture and mix well.

Hang outside for the birds. I decided it would be fun to make birdseed cakes. If the mixture is still wet bake in the oven on the lowest setting for an hour or so.

2 cups of basic bird seed 13 cup of bacon grease leftover cooking grease hardened not warm liquid or vegetable shortening 12 cup of peanut butter use one that is literally just peanut butter no added salt or sweeteners as they may be harmful to birds. Add a bit of string this is going to act like a piece of rebar in cement and add extra stability. Leave the stick piece in the mixture Let dry overnight.

This simple DIY project is a great activity idea for kids and families and its easy enough for older kids to make on their own.

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